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This is the moral code we live by
If you share the same conviction you are one of us


The Manifesto of Art

Art is the act of infusing imagination into reality
Nothing stands above the verdict of the artist’s own mind
Inspiration comes from both internal and external conflicts
If there is a way, find it. If there is no way, make it
The bad artists copy, the great artists steal
The true enemy is not fear, it’s boredom
Dedication is love, not sacrifice
To create one must destroy
Beauty is in the details


Whoever uses his mind to create an embodiment of his imagination is an artist
The Artist’s Ethos
As artists
We see our art as the highest goal in life
We live our work as a journey to honing our crafts, not as a sacrifice
We take from a wild variety of inspirations to feed our imagination
We welcome conflict as a challenge, not as a threat
We never give up no matter what stands in our way
Build Neat Stuff
Because great Art has no other purpose than itself