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Hello World

October 12, 2013

I guess everyone is now familiar with 3D printing given the media hype that’s been building up during the last few years. After digging around the Internet for a while, I was surprised how people get so easily excited for the FDM technology that’s been around for over 2 decades. Additive manufacturing is nothing new, it’s an old and very established industry based on technologies that have now become mature. Which means the technology you are buying now already existed in the 90’s but big corporations were too dumb to realize they could have made it affordable for the masses before their IP expires. That led us to the current era where countless startups are trying their best to market their own repackage of the same obsolete technology while adding few to none innovation to it. Therefore, I believe the industry is currently taking the wrong direction and most 3D printing startups will be wiped out once the technology has lost its factor of novelty.